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March 02, 2005

School Board to Appeal Prayer Decision

Newspapers around the state are reporting on the impact of U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan's decision to ban prayer at Tanghipahoa Parish School Board Meetings. The Times-Picayunereports that the School Board voted to appeal the decision at its meeting last night. Meanwhile, school boards across the state opened their meetings with prayer, many stating that they will not cease the practice until challenged. See:

Calcasieu Parish School Board Keeps Praying
Cenla School Boards embrace prayer
School Boards Grapple with Prayer
Ruling Prompts Emphasis on Prayer
Boards: Prayer to Stay at Meetings

Posted by AJR at 07:15 AM

January 13, 2005

Flood of suits to follow Supreme Court's sentencing decision?

The Advocate reports that the Supreme Court's decision to strike down part of the federal sentencing guidelines could lead to litigation as prisoners seek to have their sentences overturned. The Court's decision leaves federal prosecutors waiting for advice from higher-ups in the Department of Justice.

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July 21, 2004

Email Notice in Middle District

The Middle District of Louisiana recently sent notices advising that in the Fall of 2004 the court will allow attorneys in civil and criminal cases to receive notice of filings via E-mail.

In order to take advantage of the new system you will be required to consent in writing. The consent form allows you to designate a primary E-mail address and up to 3 additional E-mail addresses (i.e. for your secretary or paralegal). When you receive notice by E-mail the body of the message will contain a hyperlink to the PACER system where the filed document is stored electronically. You will be allowed one free look at the document, whereupon you may print the document or save it as an electronic PDF file (for later printing or for whatever purpose you might have).

If you have questions about the new service you can contact the Middle District's clerk office at 225-389-3500. You can download a PDF copy of the written consent form here.

Posted by EES at 01:20 PM

August 12, 2003

Ashcroft Mandates Reporting of Lesser Sentences

The Advocate reports on U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's order to U.S. Attorneys to promptly report any judges imposing sentences lighter than required by mandatory guidelines. The mandate, a provision of the child-protection Protect Act, appears to limit the discretion that local prosecutors will have in deciding whether or not to appeal a sentence.

"If this directive is intended to be intimidating, it's inappropriate, although I don't know of any federal judges who will be intimidated by it," [U.S. Eastern District Judge] Berrigan said. "I'm going to credit Mr. Ashcroft with good faith, and just assume that he may not be as well informed of the facts as he should be. He does have a lot on his plate up there in Washington. But he's making something of an issue that's not really significant."

Posted by AJR at 08:25 AM

June 02, 2003

Drell Invested to Western District

The Times also reports on the investiture service held for Judge Dee Drell last Friday.

Posted by AJR at 07:30 AM

Hicks Confirmed to Western District Bench

The Times reports that Shreveport attorney Sam "Maury" Hicks, Jr. has been confirmed to a federal district judge post in the Western District of Louisiana. The article provides more background on Judge Hicks, and supplements this earlier announcement.

Posted by AJR at 07:27 AM

May 20, 2003

Maurice Hicks Appointed to Western District

The Advocate reports that the United States Senate confirmed S. Maurice Hicks, Jr. as a judge on the Western District Court.

Hicks, 50, is a New Orleans native. He has been a private litigator for 25 years and is leaving the firm of Hicks, Hubley and Marcotte. From 1975 to 1977, he was a law clerk and then staff attorney for the Louisiana Legislative Council. He was an instructor at the LSU Law Center in 1993.

Posted by AJR at 07:03 AM

April 15, 2003

Business Report Editor Says Estrada Deserves Senate Vote

Rolfe McCollister, Jr., editor of the The Business Report, writes that Miguel Estrada is an extremely qualified candidate and should be voted on by the United States Senate. He notes that Senator Breaux has put party politics aside by voting to end the filibuster and encourages Senator Landrieu to do the same. There is also mention of a rally on the Capitol steps this morning, but I have been unable to locate any other information regarding its outcome.

Posted by AJR at 09:47 PM
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