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April 17, 2006

Adams and Reese expands into Memphis, TN

My law firm, Adams and Reese LLP, announced today its expansion into Memphis, Tennessee, effective May 1, 2006, when 15 lawyers formerly with Armstrong Allen PLLC will officially join the firm. Click here to view the press release. With this addition, Adams and Reese will have 10 offices in nine cities: Memphis and Nashville, TN; New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA; Birmingham and Mobile, AL; Houston, TX; Jackson, MS; and Washington, DC.

Posted by RPW at 05:20 PM

March 17, 2006

CitiBusiness honors N.O. lawyers

New Orleans CitiBusiness announced today the 50 honorees for its second annual "Leadership in Law" awards. Each honoree gets a free lunch at the downtown Sheraton on April 28 and a write-up in CitiBusiness on May 1.

Posted by RPW at 10:02 AM

March 16, 2006

Attention Louisiana appellate lawyers

The Louisiana State Bar Association has created an Appellate Section, which you can join for a measly $15. According to the recently mailed section-membership application:

The purpose of this Section is to provide a forum to study and discuss appellate-practice issues; to disseminate information regarding recent developments in this area to the mebers of the Association; and to establish liaison with the appellate courts covering Louisiana to further the rule of law, and improve the administration of justice and the practice of law before the appellate courts.

The section-membership applications have been mailed out; they must be returned by March 31 with section dues. If you're interested in the Appellate Section and its goals, please check off the "Appellate" box on the form before you return yours. You can also join by visiting the LSBA web site, clicking on Membership, then clicking on Section Member Application.

Posted by RPW at 10:39 AM

January 19, 2006

Kean Miller triples size of N.O. office

Here's an interesting item from New Orleans CityBusiness:

BATON ROUGE ó Baton Rouge-based Kean Miller Hawthorne DíArmond McCowan & Jarman, LLP, has added 12 lawyers to its New Orleans office, formerly from the Admiralty & Maritime and Construction practice areas with Lemle & Kelleher, LLP.

. . .

The new group from Lemle & Kelleher nearly triples the size of Kean Millerís New Orleans office from 7 attorneys to 19 attorneys. The firm now has 121 total lawyers in Louisiana.

Posted by RPW at 02:11 PM

December 07, 2005

Zealous Representation?

Incredible, it's The Practice in real life.

Posted by AJR at 11:23 AM

November 18, 2005

Finding Attorneys in Louisiana

If you are still having trouble finding a displaced attorney, the following resources might be of some help:
The Louisiana Notary Public Database (most attorneys are notaries)
The Louisiana State Bar Association Attorney/Client Search
Federal Courts Special Master Listing

Posted by AJR at 03:06 PM

September 30, 2005

Mandatory CLE suspended for 2005

In an apparent response to Katrina, the Louisiana Supreme Court has suspended mandatory CLE for 2005. To view the order, click here.

Posted by RPW at 09:35 AM

July 16, 2005

Louisiana lawyers at home in Iraq

Louisiana's civil-law heritage helps its lawyers understand Iraq's legal system, according to this AP story:

One of the lawyers, Capt. Dan Stigall, said he found similarities between the two systems as soon as he opened an Iraqi law book.

"It was interesting to open it up and say, 'Gosh, we do share so much,'" said Stigall, who earned his law degree at Louisiana State University and spent six months working with Iraq's courts last year.

The story features quotations from Bernie McLaughlin and former LSU law professor Christopher Blakesley.

Posted by RPW at 08:00 AM

June 28, 2005

Free Legal Research Tool for LSBA

Starting on July 1st, members of the Louisiana State Bar Association will be able to perform free legal research using Fastcase, an online library of court opinions. Fastcase will provide access to all US Supreme Court opinions; US Ct of Appeal opinions from 1924; US District Ct opinions from 1932; all Bankruptcy Ct opinions, and opinions from all 50 state courts from at least 1950. For more information, visit the LSBA link about this.

Posted by EES at 07:14 AM

May 04, 2005

Adams and Reese merges with Nashville firm

Adams and Reese will merge with Stokes Bartholomew, a Nashville firm, effective June 30, 2005. The firm name will remain Adams and Reese LLP. With 36 attorneys in two Nashville offices, the total size of the firm will approach 300 attorneys in nine offices, in eight cities: Nashville, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Mobile, and Washington D.C.

p.s. (5 May 2005): Click here to read Adams and Reese's press release about the merger. Click here to read coverage by Tennesseean.com; or here to read the Times-Picayune story.

Posted by RPW at 07:04 PM

February 21, 2003

Solo and Small Firm Section Luncheon Today

Ernest Svenson, proprietor or Ernie the Attorney and PDF for Lawyers, will be speaking at the LSBA Solo and Small Firm luncheon in Metairie today. I know it's beyond short notice, but it should be a great presentation if you are in the area. And also check out the S&SF website for some good resources.

Posted by AJR at 11:55 AM

February 14, 2003

Johnnie Cochran joins Rideua Defense

The American Press reports that Johnnie Cochran will take an active role in the defense of Wilbert Rideau's latest trial. "In another surprise Thursday, noted Louisiana defense attorney Jim Boren of Baton Rouge enrolled as attorney for Judge Patricia Minaldi who Rideau's attorneys are trying to have removed from the case." The article also notes the outcome of yesterday's hearing.

Posted by AJR at 08:16 AM

February 03, 2003

The Advocate Profiles Wal-Mart Attorney

The Advocate profiles "influential attorney" Charles Landry this morning. The article focuses on his work with Wal-Mart, specifically the newly proposed Village Square site.

Posted by AJR at 07:23 AM

December 23, 2002

Trimming the "Fat"?

The new District Attorney for Bossier and Webster Parishes, Schulyer Marvin, has wasted no time in preparing to take over his office on January 13, 2003. The Times reports that Marvin, who was appointed on November 7 as a special assistant prosecutor by the present DA, has already decided to lay off attorneys and secretaries. In addition, he has declared several vehicles as surplus and intends to reveiw salaries.

Posted by AJR at 07:57 AM
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