April 19, 2003


Ascension Parish
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Type of Government: Parish Council
Parish Seat: Donaldsonville
FIPS Code: 22005

The following documents are related to the local government: Parish Charter, Code of Ordinances, and Minutes

Search the Louisiana Revised Statutes for laws related to Ascension Parish.

Courts and Judicial Districts

Ascension Parish is subject to the jurisdiction of the following courts:

Federal Courts:
District Court: Middle District, Naked Ownership Page
Court of Appeal: Fifth Circuit, Naked Ownership Page
Supreme Court: United States Supreme Court

State Courts:
District Court: 23rd JDC (Naked Ownership Page)
Court of Appeal: First Circuit, Naked Ownership Page
Supreme Court: Louisiana Supreme Court, Naked Ownership Page
Supreme Court District(s): 5

The following local officials provide services related to the judiciary:
Clerk of Court, District Attorney and Sheriff

Local Court(s):
Ascension Parish Court

Other (includes federal, state and local courts of limited jurisdiction):
Bankruptcy: Middle District (Federal), Naked Ownership Page
Worker's Compensation: 5 (State)
Justice of the Peace: See Elected Officials (Local)

Louisiana attorneys can be located using any of the following web sites:
Legal Directories
Louisiana Legal
Louisiana State Bar Association

Legislative Districts and/or Elected Officials

See Elected Officials for a listing of all officials elected by the voters of Ascension Parish.

Federal Officials and/or Districts:
Senators: John Breaux and Mary Landrieu
Representatives: 3 and 6

State Districts:
Senators: 18
Representatives: 58, 59 and 60
Public Service Commission: 3
Board of Elementary and Secondary Education: 6 and 8

The Registrar of Voters for Ascension Parish can provide detailed information relating to district boundaries.

Local Officials:
See LPG Profile and NACO Profile.

Miscellaneous Information and Resources

Ascension Parish has a population of 76,627 citizens and a landmass of approximately 303 square miles (193,929.70 acres). Ranked by population, Ascension Parish is the 16th most populated of 64 parishes. The parish is the 61st largest parish by landmass. There are approximately 99 attorneys in the parish, which means that there are 774 people per attorney in the parish. This ratio ranks 33rd in the state.

The following municipalities are located within Ascension Parish:

  1. City of Donaldsonville
  2. City of Gonzales
  3. Town of Sorrento

The following links provide information related to Ascension Parish:

Cooperative Extension: Provides contact information for Cooperative Extension Program Agents (such as community economic development, 4-H, forestry and wildlife, family resource management, etc.)
Economic Profile (1998): Economic development information provided by the Northeastern LEAP program.
Economic Profile (2001) [pdf]: Louisiana Department of Economic Development profile hosted by Entergy.
Tax Profile: Sales and use tax rates (with some forms) for the parish and municipalities, provided by the Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators (LAOTA).
2000 Federal Census: Federal Census data including population estimates and demographics.
Environment Profile: Find information related to chemical releases, water quality, Superfund sites, etc.
Capitol Impact Profile: Provides links to local elected officials, local entities and demographic information (including links to Open Secrets, which provides information on campaign contributions and the Political Graveyard, which details the lives of elected officials that have lived in the parish.)
Parish Library

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